We provide the highest-quality neutron sources, portable isotropic neutron spectroscopy (PINS) sources, nuclear start-up rods, TYPE-A shipping containers, WEP shielding and antimony-beryllium pellets. We also offer turnkey service solutions for customers across a wide variety of industries.

We offer our products, services, and technical expertise to the following industries:


The core of our business, we specialize in providing nuclear reactor start-up rods, californium neutron sources, and shipping containers for the nuclear power industry. Due to the inherently dangerous nature of this field, our team of experts ensures that all start-up rods are assembled according to customer specifications and are produced and shipped to exceed the highest safety standards.

Oil & Gas

We offer californium-252 neutron sources for the oil well logging industry. Manufactured to meet strict safety standards and match the exact specifications and unique instruments of our customers, these products act as a sonar echo to measure porosity, permeability, hydrocarbon presence, and borehole length in the ground, thereby detecting nearby oil, gas, sand, and shale beds.

Military and Defense

We assist in the development of PINS for the military and defense industry. These products are heavily utilized by the Department of Homeland Security, the National Guard, and the U.S. Army to detect and identify the contents of chemical warfare materials, such as improvised explosive devices (IEDs).


We also offer product research services to universities, academic research institutions, private corporations, and governmental organizations. Our expert researchers assist in the design and fabrication of various radioactive products, such as neutron sources, PINS sources, custom shielding walls, TYPE-A shipping containers, and reactor start-up rods.

Before shipment, all of our products are extensively tested according to comprehensive QA protocols, including visual inspections; double-blind inspections; optical comparator analysis; pressurized helium leak tests; and alpha, beta, and gamma wipes. With every delivery, we provide customers with detailed technical information and NIST-traceable documentation. To learn more about our industries served, diverse product offering, or turnkey solutions, contact Frontier Technology Corporation today.