Californium-252 Solutions for the Research Industry

Californium-252 Solutions for the Research Industry

Californium-252 is a neutron-emitting isotope frequently used to detect trace elements within a specific sample. Cf-252 is commonly used in the energy industry to start up nuclear power reactors. Researchers also use californium-252 to develop advancements in various governmental, academic, and medical fields. Learn more about how californium-252 can be used for research across multiple […]

Small Modular Reactors

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) play an important role in developing safe, clean, and cost-conscious nuclear power. Nuclear power is regarded as the most powerful source of continuous clean energy; however, many locations are not equipped to accommodate full nuclear plants. SMRs have a power capacity of up to 300 MW(e) per unit, which is […]

The Half-Life of Cf-252

The Half-Life of Cf-252

What Is the Half-Life of Cf-252? Do atoms die? Rather than dying, certain atoms experience a radioactive decay process. Every atom save hydrogen contains neutrons, or electrically neutral subatomic particles. But what do neutrons do? Together with protons, neutrons make up an atom’s nucleus. However, some of these neutrons float freely, degrading radioactively into other […]

Nuclear Energy

Benefits of Nuclear Energy

What Is Nuclear Energy? Nuclear energy is a way to create electricity using the energy inside the nucleus of an atom. The core of an atom contains a significant amount of energy and the process of nuclear fission splits these atoms to release the energy. The energy produced from nuclear sources has a wide range […]


The History of Californium-252

Californium-252 is a radioactive chemical element of the actinide series of the periodic table, atomic number 98. It was first synthesized in 1950 in the University of California Radiation Lab in Berkeley, by bombarding a microgram of curium-242 with alpha particles (helium-4 ions) in a 60-inch cyclotron. Because curium is highly radioactive, researchers took about […]

Nuclear Power

The Importance of Nuclear Power in 2023

While fossil fuels still provide the bulk of global energy, nuclear power is rapidly becoming the clean power solution countries need to meet increasing electricity demands while reducing emissions. As of 2021, more than 400 nuclear reactors are operating worldwide, providing approximately 10% of the world’s electricity. In the US alone, almost 1/5 of municipal […]

Transportation of spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants. Radioactive waste.

Spent Nuclear Fuel: What You Need to Know

Frontier Technology Corporation (FTC) is a leading supplier of californium-252 (Cf-252), a powerful neutron source often used as fuel for nuclear reactors. Nuclear fuel is capable of producing and sustaining heat energy through nuclear fission. Since nuclear fuel has a finite amount of energy generation ability and remains hazardous even after it’s used, it is […]

Nuclear Plants With A Blue Sky Background

3 Reasons Why Nuclear Power is a Clean Energy Source

Public awareness of clean and sustainable sources of energy has grown significantly, particularly in recent years, as focus sharpens on lessening the impacts of climate change. However, while solar, wind, and hydroelectric power are commonly discussed, nuclear power is often left out of the conversation.  Nuclear power plants are the largest source of emission-free energy […]


How Is Californium-252 Used in Homeland Security?

Californium-252 (Cf-252) is a lab-created, radioactive chemical isotope synthesized by bombarding curium with alpha particles. This synthetic material is a pure metal and is used for a range of applications from the creation of new elements to treating certain cancers, but one of its most prominent uses is in homeland security. Cf-252 plays a critical role […]

Get to Know Us: About Frontier Technology Corporation

Frontier Technology Corporation (FTC) is one of the few suppliers of californium-252 neutron sources in the world. Our decades of experience and commitment to excellence in manufacturing and logistics have led us to become radioactive material industry world leaders. In this blog, we’ll discuss our company in more detail and what sets us apart from […]