Custom Shielding WallsFrontier Technology Corporation has extensive experience in neutron radiation shielding, offering custom neutron shielding walls that provide reliable protection from harmful radiation. To discuss how our neutron radiation shielding walls can help protect against neutron radiation damage in your application, please reach out to our team.


The Challenge of Neutron Radiation Shielding

Because neutron radiation endangers the people, structures, devices, and equipment exposed to it, reliable neutron shielding protection is critical. Specially designed shielding walls are used in nuclear power facilities, nuclear medicine systems, radioisotope projects, or particle accelerator work.

Many materials may be used to shield against ionizing radiation. However, the three most popular neutron shielding materials are WEP resin, paraffin, and concrete. Notably, dense materials, such as lead, are less effective at blocking neutron radiation and are not used for neutron shielding.

WEP Neutron Shielding

Hydrogen and hydrogen-based materials, such as water and water-extended polyester (WEP), are preferable for neutron shielding. This is because compounds with a high concentration of hydrogen atoms act as reliable barriers and provide inexpensive yet reliable shielding. 

Frontier’s shielding walls incorporate materials made of low-atomic-number elements because they have a high probability of forming cross-sections that interact with the neutrons. 

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Neutron Shielding Walls from Frontier

Frontier’s WEP resin is an ideal material for neutron radiation shielding because:

  • High Water Content: As a result of the emulsification process, WEP resin’s final hydrogen content is almost as high as that of pure water. Unlike water, WEP resin cures into a hard shield, so it can easily be used in almost any shielding application.
  • Cost-Effective: WEP resin’s high water content makes it a very affordable substance by weight compared to alternative materials.
  • Harsh Environmental Resistance: WEP is completely inert. It doesn’t break down and resists damage from water exposure, weathering, and harsh chemicals. WEP is also fire-retardant (although best-suited for normal operating temperatures).
  • Void-Free Curing: WEP resin sets cleanly and with minimal imperfections and no odor. It cures as a contiguous solid material with no voids, holes, or bubbles.

Custom WEP Neutron Radiation Shielding Solutions

Our shielding walls are custom-manufactured to your requirements, constructed with stainless steel outer materials, and contain WEP inner material. Our neutron radiation shielding options include:

  • Custom dimensions available
  • Isotope pass-through ports

Frontier can also use WEP to fill shielding walls that our customers have designed and supplied to us.

Frontier's Custom Shield Wall Manufacturing Capabilities & Provisions

Outer Material:Stainless Steel
Inner Material:Filled WEP (Water-extended polyester)
Thickness:Custom Dimensions Available
Height:Custom Dimensions Available
Width:Custom Dimensions Available
Options:Isotope Pass-Thru Ports
Production Volume:Prototype
Testing Services:Void Volume
Meter Testing
Quality Control:QA Manual
Additional Services:Documentation
Product Design
Project Management
Reverse Engineering
Technical Support
Project Lead Time:8-to-14 Weeks (based on inventory and scheduling)
Expedited Services Available
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Nuclear Reactor Shielding

Frontier shielding walls meet industry standards, including 10CFR50 Appendix B, IAEA Special Form Certification, U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) regulations, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) regulations, NIST-traceable requirements, ISO 2919, and ANSI 97E6644, 97E6X644, 97E66543, and 97E66344


Applications & Uses

Neutron emissions are a serious threat in many industries. WEP resin offers a versatile and cost-effective way to mitigate that risk and protect employees. The following industries use nuclear shielding in some form:

– Nuclear Reactors
– Defense & Homeland Security (Border Crossings/Airports)
– Laboratories & Research
– Packaging & Transportation
– Medical/Health
– Bulk Material (Coal/Cement) Analysis
– Oil Well Logging
– Power Plants

About Frontier Technology Corporation

Frontier Technology Corporation (FTC) is the world leader in californium-252 neutron source manufacturing and design, and is the foremost expert in logistics and shipping of radioactive material. Founded in 1984 by Treva Janzow and the late Edward Janzow, Frontier Technology is located in Xenia, Ohio. Frontier Technology has over 40 years industry experience in providing the highest-quality neutron sources, PINS sources, nuclear start-up rods, TYPE-A shipping containers, WEP shielding, and antimony-beryllium pellets.