Californium-252 (Cf-252) spontaneously emits large quantities of neutrons. When carefully encapsulated for safe handling, it is a central part of many technologies used for non-destructive material analysis, instrument calibration, and more.


Cf-252 neutron sources are used to calibrate material analysis equipment by ensuring it is properly reading the samples used as standard references. It is also useful in preparing samples and machines used in experimental research.

NASA Programs

NASA has used Cf-252 neutron sources in specialized equipment to study the long-term effects of radiation in space. A portable and powerful neutron emitter, Cf-252 can also withstand high temperatures and a range of environmental conditions, making it a practical choice for space-based research.

University and Lab Research

Some large research universities, including MIT and others, house research reactors to study nuclear physics, chemical composition of materials, and radiopharmaceuticals, and other medical applications. These reactors also serve an educational purpose, giving students valuable high-tech, hands-on experience. Cf-252 neutron sources and nuclear startup rods can be used in these reactors to trigger the initial nuclear chain reaction or to restart a reactor that has been taken offline.


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Californium-252 Solutions for the Research Industry

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