Type-A packages are one type of neutron shipping container commonly used to transport radioactive material between facilities and end user sites. Frontier designs and fabricates Type-A shipping packages of various sizes, shielding capacities, and configurations for rental or purchase.

All of our Type-A shipping containers are designed and constructed in-house to ensure highest quality. They adhere to international shipping regulations and protect their contents from damage during shipping. Our containers also meet certification requirements such as USDOT Type-A, and are Specification 7A packages.

Standard Type-A Neutron Shipping Containers

Our containers come in these standard sizes:

MODEL 50240

5 Gallon
Up to 10 ug
45 lbs
20.5 kg
Perm: 100 lbs
30 cm x 30 cm x 35 cm
12” x 12” x 14”

MODEL 50220

30 Gallon
Up to 50 ug
275 lbs
125 kg
Perm: 500 lbs
51 cm x 51 cm x 76 cm
22” x 22” x 34”

MODEL 50200

55 Gallon
Up to 110 ug
500 lbs
227 kg
Perm: 880 lbs
61 cm x 61 cm x 89 cm
25” x 25” x 35”

Custom Type-A Shipping Containers — For Rental

MODEL 50120MODEL 50110MODEL 50100MODEL 50300
StubbyBabyTwinLong Ton
Up to 700 ugUp to 1870 ugUp to 5000 ugUp to 4000 ug
1860 lbs3940 lbs7400 lbs6900 lbs
Perm: 1920 lbsPerm: 4300 lbsPerm: 8000 lbsPerm: 8000 lbs
42” x 30” x 38”47” x 41” x 43”64” x 51” x 53”16’ x 50” x 50”

Type-A Container Requirements and Testing

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Type-A Radioactive Shipping Containers

Type-A shipping containers are used for storing and transporting small quantities of radioactive materials, based on their radioactivity, type, and form. They generally consist of a metal outer container lined with shielding material to fully and securely enclose the material.

Federal regulations require that these containers protect their contents from breaches or contamination and maintain sufficient shielding under normal transportation conditions.

At Frontier we use several tests to evaluate our Type-A containers’ integrity:

  • Water spray for one hour to simulate rainfall of two inches per hour
  • Free-fall drop test onto a hard, flat surface to ensure structural integrity
  • Compression of at least five times the weight of the package
  • Penetration tests that involve dropping a 13-lb., 1.25”-diameter bar vertically onto the package from 3.3’ in the air

Expert Consulting for Package Design, Sizing and Shielding

Our team will work with you to find the best Type-A radioactive packaging solution for your needs. The suitability of packages for source storage depends on both source size and external radiation levels specified by the customer.

Using Type-A Containers for Depleted Source Disposal

As part of our commitment to the long-term management of radioactive sources, we offer disposal services at no charge to all our customers. Any depleted californium-252 neutron source fabricated in our facility can be returned to us at any time using our Type-A radioactive shipping containers. Customers only pay for shipping.

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