Neutron radiation poses significant danger to people, structures, devices, and equipment exposed to it; therefore, effective neutron shielding is critical. In plants, labs, and other buildings where neutron sources and equipment are used, shielding walls are an excellent way to protect against neutron radiation.

Neutrons are uncharged particles that can easily pass through dense materials, such as lead, reducing the level of protection. Instead, hydrogen-rich materials, such as water and water-extended polyester (WEP) resin, are more effective at blocking neutrons (read how here). They are regularly used as a shielding material for this reason.

Neutron shielding walls

Specially constructed neutron shielding walls are needed in any setting where neutron radiation is a concern. In addition to nuclear power plants, facilities that commonly work with Californium-252 (Cf-252) neutron sources include PINS and PGNAA material analysis systems, research laboratories, and some industrial sites. 

SMR shielding

Nuclear power plants, including small modular reactor (SMR) sites, require careful shielding throughout, and especially inside the core reactor and related work areas. Nuclear startup rods and fuel scanning devices that use neutron sources like Cf-252 produce high levels of neutron radiation. 

Shielding walls can be used in these areas to protect operators and equipment. Built with a stainless steel outer frame and filled with WEP, walls are manufactured to customer specifications. Walls are available in different thicknesses, heights, lengths, and widths, and with pass-through ports for utility without compromising safety.

Medical shielding

In hospitals and clinics, neutron sources like Cf-252 can be used for radiation treatment of certain types of cancers, and for some diagnostic procedures. Patients, medical personnel, equipment, and physical surroundings must be protected from excess neutron radiation due to radiopharmaceuticals and other sources. Dosage is critical, as is proper shielding. Walls can be constructed to contain and limit the area that is exposed to neutron radiation and to block neutrons from escaping into other parts of the treatment area.


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