Neutron radiation poses significant danger to people, structures, devices, and equipment exposed to it; therefore, effective neutron shielding is critical. In plants, labs, and other buildings where neutron sources and equipment are used, shielding walls are an excellent way to protect against neutron radiation.

Nuclear Reactor ShieldingFrontier offers nuclear shielding options for a variety of industries and applications using our water-extended polyester (WEP) resin shielding walls. Below are some of the common applications for our nuclear shielding:

Frontier’s Shielding Solutions

At Frontier Technology Corporation (FTC), one of our core specialties is neutron shielding. We offer cutting-edge protective shipping containers for radioactive materials and other essential technologies for handling hazardous neutron sources such as californium-252 (Cf-252).

WEP For Neutron Shielding

Neutrons are uncharged particles that can easily pass through dense materials, such as lead, reducing the level of protection. Instead, hydrogen-rich materials, such as water and water-extended polyester (WEP) resin, are more effective at blocking neutrons. For this reason, they are regularly used as nuclear shielding materials.

WEP resin encases materials and creates a strong, effective barrier around the material to protect anyone nearby and the surrounding environment from the hazards of neutron source exposure. Since this resin is capable of successfully enclosing neutrons, it performs well as a shield when transporting Cf-252 and other neutron-releasing radioactive materials.

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Neutron Radiation Shielding

Frontier Technology Corporation stands at the forefront of advancements in neutron radiation protection, providing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of various industries. Our custom neutron shielding solutions are designed to offer reliable protection against harmful neutron radiation.

Neutron Shielding Walls

Our neutron shielding walls are ideal for use in nuclear reactors, medical facilities, research laboratories, and industrial sites. They are essential for maintaining operational integrity and ensuring the health and safety of personnel and the surrounding environment. Specially constructed neutron shielding walls are needed in any setting where neutron radiation is a concern.

In addition to nuclear power plants, facilities that commonly work with Californium-252 (Cf-252) neutron sources include PINS and PGNAA material analysis systems, research laboratories, and some industrial sites.

Custom Shielding

Nuclear Reactor & SMR Shielding

Nuclear power plants, including small modular reactor (SMR) sites, require careful shielding throughout, and especially inside the core reactor and related work areas. Nuclear startup rods and fuel scanning devices that use neutron sources like Cf-252 produce high levels of neutron radiation.

Shielding walls can be used in these areas to protect operators and equipment. Built with a stainless steel outer frame and filled with WEP, walls are manufactured to customer specifications. Walls are available in different thicknesses, heights, lengths, and widths, and with pass-through ports for utility without compromising safety.


Custom Shielding Walls

Medical Shielding

In hospitals and clinics, neutron sources like Cf-252 can be used for radiation treatment of certain types of cancers, and for some diagnostic procedures. Patients, medical personnel, equipment, and physical surroundings must be protected from excess neutron radiation due to radiopharmaceuticals and other sources. Dosage is critical, as is proper shielding. Walls can be constructed to contain and limit the area that is exposed to neutron radiation and to block neutrons from escaping into other parts of the treatment area.

What Is Water Extended Polyester (WEP) Resin Material?

WEP beads are a solid polyester resin material and are emulsified with water to enhance their physical properties. After the emulsion process, fillers are added to reduce shrinkage and adjust appearance before a catalyst is used to cure the material.

Extending the resin with water absorbs heat, making it easier to cast parts without exotherm issues while keeping productions costs low. Since the resin mixture has low viscosity, it can properly form to the exact shape of complex and intricate designs with minimal risk of error. It also cures quickly, allowing for quick mold turnover.

What Are the Advantages of Water Extended Polyester Resin Material?

Choosing the right material for every part of neutron source containment equipment is crucial. WEP resin boasts excellent protective performance when used as shielding for neutron sources, as well as for personnel safety equipment, shielding walls, and pass-through ports. Along with excellent performance as a neutron-containing material, it offers these key advantages:


Because WEP resin is mixed with a substantial amount of water to achieve its beneficial properties, this results in a lower cost relative to other materials. WEP resin’s ability to cure quickly and completely fill complex molds also cuts costs by reducing production times and eliminating the risk of incomplete or poorly made finished products.

Track-Free Curing

Resin-based products cure in the air without needing any heat or specialized curing processes, resulting in track-free cure.

Other Benefits

WEP resin has a variety of desirable qualities, including:

  • Resistance to wear and weathering
  • Temperature resistance in relatively low-heat environments of up to 176°F (80°C).
  • Low shrinkage, which can be augmented with the presence of proper fillers
  • Resistance to water and other chemicals

Custom Shielding Solutions

Frontier manufactures custom shielding walls to meet your neutron protection requirements. Our team excels at creating the radioactive protection that industries need to ensure safe handling and disposal of these materials. Our shielding solutions are trusted throughout the mining, nuclear, and military industries, among many more. Contact us today to learn more about our WEP material and neutron shielding or to get started on your shielding solution.


About Frontier Technology Corporation

Frontier Technology Corporation (FTC) is the world leader in californium-252 neutron source manufacturing and design, and is the foremost expert in logistics and shipping of radioactive material. Founded in 1984 by Treva Janzow and the late Edward Janzow, Frontier Technology is located in Xenia, Ohio. Frontier Technology has over 40 years industry experience in providing the highest-quality neutron sources, PINS sources, nuclear start-up rods, TYPE-A shipping containers, WEP shielding, and antimony-beryllium pellets.