Founded in 1984 and located in Xenia, Ohio, Frontier Technology Corporation (FTC) is a global provider of high-quality californium-252 neutron sources and other nuclear solutions tailored for a broad range of industries. We work with professionals in the nuclear, mineral, oil and petrochemical, government, and material research sectors to identify the right solution for their requirements. We hold all of our products – highlighted below – to the most rigorous government and industry standards.

Californium-252 (Cf-252) Neutron Sources

Californium-252 is a synthetically created element that cannot be found in nature. Although it is the most commonly used isotope of californium due to its stability, exceptional neutron emission capabilities, and general practicality across industries, it is very rare and must be produced via neutron bombardment in high flux isotope reactors or particle accelerators.

FTC has supplied californium-252 neutron sources to countless highly-respected industrial, scientific, and government clients for decades. We have several different source models that can be referenced here. Our single-encapsulated Model 10 series neutron sources are generally used as the inner capsules of double-encapsulated sources. For example, our double-encapsulated Model 100 series of californium-252 neutron sources use a Model 10 series source as the primary encapsulation. We also provide custom californium-252 sources in configurations tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

Nuclear Start-Up Rod Assemblies (NSA)

Nuclear startup rods are key to initiating a chain reaction within a nuclear reactor. We adhere to our customers’ specifications in creating complete start-up rod assemblies, which include californium-252 neutron sources, as well as NDT, antimony-beryllium pellets, and all other assembly components. Our complete start-up rod assemblies are manufactured to comply with and often exceed the highest safety requirements established by the nuclear industry.

Type-A Radioactive Shipping Containers

Californium-252 sources are transported in specific types of radioactive shipping containers to ensure safety: Type-A shipping containers. FTC specializes in these radioactive storage and shipping containers, available for use, rental, or purchase. These containers protect highly sensitive neutron contents as they move between our production facility and the user’s end site.

All shipping containers designated for neutron source shipping must be certified as USDOT Type A, Specification 7A packages. As an IAEA special form-compliant manufacturer, we ensure each certified Type A Radioactive Shipping Container we produce meets stringent industry standards and passes a series of rigorous tests without releasing their cargo. We build our containers to protect their radioactive contents from contamination or breaches while providing effective shielding against all conditions that may occur under normal transportation conditions. Our Type-A packages can also be used to return depleted neutron sources through our complementary neutron source return program.

Custom Neutron Radiation Shielding

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To minimize the inherent hazards of neutron source exposure, top-of-the-line neutron shielding protection is critical. FTC has extensive neutron radiation shielding experience across a wide range of safety-conscious industries. We offer custom-built neutron shielding walls that provide reliable, essential protection for handlers of these sources.

Implementing stainless steel as the outer material, we can construct custom shielding walls with thicknesses up to 12 inches. We can also accommodate larger storage needs with widths up to six feet and heights up to eight feet. Isotope pass-through ports are installed to facilitate transfers. For the inner material, we use a proprietary and highly effective water-extended polyester (WEP) resin. We can also fill existing neutron shielding walls with our WEP inner material.

Antimony-Beryllium (Sb-Be) Pellets

Cold-pressed antimony-beryllium pellets are optimal for safe nuclear start-up rod assemblies used in nuclear plants and fuel scanners. With our focus on quality and reliability, FTC stands as a reputable supplier of antimony-beryllium pellets. All of our pellets adhere to stringent quality assurance guidelines. We can accommodate prototype-to-production volume, according to user-supplied specifications.

About Frontier Technology Corporation

At Frontier Technology Corporation, our goal is to provide our customers with high integrity, cost-effective neutron sources and related solutions. We are deeply committed to and prioritize our customers’ safety, reliability, and satisfaction.

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