In oil and gas well-logging operations, californium-252 (Cf-252) neutron sources are used to bombard the walls of boreholes with neutrons. This induces elements in the borehole to emit gamma rays. Because each element has a unique gamma ray signature, it is possible to gather vital information for the drilling and extraction conditions of the site. 

Oil Well and Borehole Logging/OWL

Oil well and borehole logging (OWL) operations require detailed data about the surrounding rock composition, porosity and structural integrity, borehole dimensions, liquid presence, and fluid properties. This aids in determining the feasibility of extracting hydrocarbons from the drill site. 

In this highly efficient process, specialized detection devices equipped with Cf-252 neutron sources are fed into boreholes to analyze geological properties in the surrounding area. The devices obtain accurate and continuous measurements of conditions below the surface without removing material to an offsite location for analysis.

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Californium-252 in Oil & Gas Well Logging Applications

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