Type-A Radioactive Shipping Containers

The US Department of Transportation defines several types of containers suitable for transporting radioactive materials between production facilities and end-user sites as well as for onsite source storage. Type-A packaging is required for small amounts of some types of radioactive waste, and radioactive sources like californium-252 (Cf-252) that are used in industrial applications, and some non-liquid nuclear medicines and radiopharmaceuticals.

Shipping containers

Frontier designs and fabricates Type-A shipping packages used to transport Special Form neutron sources. They consist of a steel outer drum or shell lined with water-extended polyester (WEP) resin and are available in various sizes, shielding capacities, and configurations. All containers are tested for compliance with federal regulations to ensure contents are protected against breaches or contamination and maintain sufficient shielding under normal transportation conditions. 

Please note that Frontier’s Type-A containers are not suitable for gamma-ray sources, which require lead containers.


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