Frontier Technology Corporation (FTC) is one of the few suppliers of californium-252 neutron sources in the world. Our decades of experience and commitment to excellence in manufacturing and logistics have led us to become radioactive material industry world leaders. In this blog, we’ll discuss our company in more detail and what sets us apart from other neutron source suppliers.

Who We Are & What We Do

Frontier Technology Corporation is the world leader in californium-252 neutron source design, manufacturing, and shipment. We provide high-integrity, cost-effective neutron sources to over 200 countries worldwide, excluding embargoed countries. Our 40 years of industry experience have enabled us to become the foremost expert in the logistics and shipping of radioactive materials. All of our products are shipped in compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission standards and all of our shipping containers are TYPE-A certified for radioactive material.

The primary products that we offer are:

  • Californium-252: FTC custom-designs and manufactures californium-252 sources for a wide variety of applications. Our sources, in wire form, are double-encapsulated and composed of inner and outer capsule chambers with a maximum content level of 5 mg.
  • Type-A Shipping Containers: Our custom-designed and fabricated Type-A packages safely transport significant quantities of radioactive materials between facilities to end-user sites. We produce shipping packages in several sizes with various shielding capacities and configurations for rental or purchase.
  • Nuclear Reactor Rod Assemblies: We manufacture complete rod assemblies according to our customer’s specifications, including Californium-252 sources, Antimony-Beryllium pellets, NDT, and all parts of the rod assembly. All of our rods exceed the nuclear industry’s highest level of safety standards.

In addition to these solutions, we also produce custom neutron radiation shielding walls, which provide highly effective protection from harmful neutron radiation, as well as Antimony-Beryllium (Sb-Be) pellets. These pellets are produced according to the customer’s specifications for use in nuclear start-up rod assemblies in nuclear plant applications.

Choose Neutron Sources at Frontier Technology Corporation

Frontier Technology Corporation is a trusted supplier of californium-252 neutron sources and radioactive shipping containers. As the most experienced leader in our industry, we make safety our top priority and have created innovative solutions that allow us to serve a variety of applications. We tailor both californium-252 sources and their packaging to meet our customer’s requirements. To learn more about Frontier Technology Corporation, or our services and capabilities, reach out to us today.