What Is Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is a way to create electricity using the energy inside the nucleus of an atom. The core of an atom contains a significant amount of energy and the process of nuclear fission splits these atoms to release the energy. The energy produced from nuclear sources has a wide range of uses. It acts as a clean energy source that benefits the environment and is also useful in diverse applications spanning many industries, from agriculture to medicine, and more.

Advantages of Nuclear Energy

There are numerous advantages to nuclear energy that aren’t possible through other energy sources. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Protecting national security: Nuclear energy is a significant fuel source for the U.S. Navy and power generation facilities, supporting a resilient electrical grid in the U.S. 
  • Fighting climate change: Delivers round-the-clock carbon-free electricity. 
  • Ensuring U.S. leadership in technology: Nuclear energy is the most reliable source of energy and it is being adopted globally. The U.S., as a pioneer of nuclear energy technology, can respond to this global demand. 
  • Generating jobs: Hundreds of thousands of jobs are created by the nuclear energy industry, which supports state and local economies in tax revenue. 
  • Protecting air quality: Nuclear energy does not contribute to air pollution, protecting our environment and our health. 
  • Boosting international development: Adopting nuclear energy allows nations to solve energy problems sustainably and reliably. 
  • Powering electric vehicles: Electric vehicles powered by nuclear energy make a significant contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions. 
  • Reusability: Unlike fossil fuels, nuclear fuel can be reused after regeneration. 
  • Reducing greenhouse gases: Nuclear energy can be a significant part of the solution for global warming. Each year, nuclear power plants around the world prevent the emission of millions of tons of CO2
  • Developing the economy: Constructing new power plants enables further economic growth and creates many new jobs, even in sectors other than nuclear energy itself. 

Industries Benefiting From Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy provides diverse advantages for many industries. In addition to its environmental benefits through the reduction of greenhouse gasses and protection of air quality, nuclear technology also benefits everything from medicine and transportation to agriculture and consumer products. 

Industries that benefit from nuclear power advantages include:

  • Agriculture: Nuclear isotopes can be used to label fertilizers, providing a way to measure how much fertilizer a plant has utilized. It can also be used to create new plant varieties with specific desirable traits and help improve food production sustainability. 
  • Consumer products: Many consumer goods rely on small amounts of radioactive materials, such as smoke detectors, clocks, non-stick materials, and more. 
  • Food: Food irradiation using gamma rays kills bacteria and increases shelf life. It also controls pests and reduces the required quarantine period for food items shipped internationally. 
  • Industrial: Industrial manufacturers use radioisotopes to detect leaks in process equipment as well as to monitor wear and corrosion. 
  • Medicine: Nuclear medicine is used to treat cancers, act as a diagnostic technique, and perform imaging of soft tissues in a way that X-ray techniques are unable to do. The medical industry also relies on nuclear technology to sterilize medical supplies, such as syringes, clothing, gloves, and other components that are too sensitive for heat-based sterilization. 
  • Transportation: Nuclear energy powers ships that need to be at sea for long periods of time without access to fuel sources. Vessels such as submarines, icebreakers, and aircraft carriers all rely on nuclear energy as a fuel source. Additionally, it is crucial for space missions where other energy sources are unable to supply enough electricity. In the future, it could be used to create hydrogen to power cars. 

Revolutionize Your Industry with Nuclear Energy

Many highly diverse industries can reap the benefits of nuclear energy. From improving agricultural techniques to producing valuable consumer products, nuclear power is a highly desirable solution that provides reliability while protecting the environment. If you have questions about how nuclear energy sources like Californium-252 can work for your application, contact us at Frontier Technology Corporation today, or get started on a solution by requesting a quote